Christian Stirling

Film reviews and other stuff I'm working on.



When terrorists capture a top secret military weapon, a former Navy SEAL finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is the world’s only hope of preventing WWIII.


A businessman suffering memory loss tries to rekindle his relationship with his family while dealing with the repercussions of his former secret life. 

Drop Bear

A group of campers encounter a creature of Australian myth and try to survive long enough to escape the bush and its deadly inhabitants.

Nanga Mai Hill

When all the evidence of a shocking crime points to a country cop, he and his partner must step into the world of the supernatural to prove his innocence and save the children of their small town from a devious and callous predator.

Revelations (currently writing)

After being raised in isolation after the world ended, the lives of two young adults forever change when outsiders stumble across their hidden home, causing them to question the teachings of their dominating and abusive father.

The Night Shift (currently writing)

On the first day of his new job, a rookie security guard takes the night shift in a hotel with a dark history.

Precious Moments (currently writing)

An aspiring MMA fighter struggles to come to terms with his sexuality when he dates a sex worker.

Devil of Dachau

When a medical student discovers the truth about a medical cover-up that affects the world, he is targeted by those who would not have the truth revealed.

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