Christian Stirling

Film reviews and other stuff I'm working on.


Mel Stirling

My wife is a talented singer/songwriter. You can check her sites out here:


I write film reviews for Popzara Press. My reviews appear there before they appear on my website. Head on over to the Popzara website to read reviews by other critics who not only write about films but also games, technology and books. They also have a podcast section.


Two of my wife’s sisters are in a punk rock band called Blussh. You can check them out here:


Beau Jones

I’ve worked with Beau on a couple of independent projects. He’s a professional and dedicated actor who I hope to work with again in the future.

He also has a a production company, Foath TV which you can check out here:–n_ArxlmtRr1MTsAWQqKw

Jonathan S. Abrams

Jonathan is a good friend of mine and is a great Director of Photography and Camera Operator. If you need a professional DP for your film then you should check him out.

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